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Eltjo Haselhoff
Background information
Birth name Eltjo Hans Haselhoff
Born (1962-10-09) October 9, 1962 (age 52)
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Genres Pop, folk, acoustic
Occupation(s) Composer, Guitarist
Instruments Guitar, Dobro, Banjo, Piano, Fiddle, Bass
Years active 1980 - Present
Labels Peghead Productions
Solid Air Records
Website EltjoHaselhoff.com

Eltjo Haselhoff (1962) is best known as a Dutch 'fingerstyle' guitarist and composer, although he has delved into numerous other endeavours, including arts (cartoons, caricatures, oil paintings, photography), science (physics, biophysics and magnetic resonance), musical instrument building and engineering. He has played guitar since he was 8 years old, but has never had one single guitar lesson. He does not read or write music. He also plays several other musical instruments, besides the guitar.

Fingerstyle Guitar[edit]

After more than 30 years of playing and composing, Haselhoff released his debut CD Fingerstyle Guitar Solos in the year 2005, with the small label Peghead Productions. Fingerstyle is an advanced guitar technique, with the guitarist playing the melody, chords and bass lines all at the same time. The CD was well received, particularly in the USA, where Haselhoff is sometimes compared to guitarist Chet Atkins. Soon, the American label Solid Air Records picked Haselhoff's music for release in the USA. Since then, Haselhoff also appeared on various cover albums, including Cole Porter: DeLovely Guitar, Poppin' Guitars: A Tuneful of Sherman and A Guitar for Elvis. Haselhoff's second solo album, Guitar Magic, was released in November 2007. Besides audio CDs, Haselhoff also produced fingerstyle guitar instructional DVDs in English, Dutch and German. This is the only instructional DVD ever made with the same artist speaking three different languages (an Italian version is forthcoming). Eltjo Haselhoff is currently living in the USA.


  • This Guitar's In Love With You (2014)
    • I'll Never Fall In Love Again
  • A Guitar for Elvis (2010)
    • Jail House Rock
  • Poppin' Guitars (2009)
    • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Guitar Magic (2007)
    • White Lightning
    • The Promised Land
    • The Graft
    • Little Mill
    • Lenentine
    • Song for JT
    • Never Time To Say Goodbye
    • Googol
    • Turkey in the Straw
    • Summerfield
    • Joe Nagle
    • Fanny Power
    • Planxty Irwin
    • Lovers in Las Cruces
  • DeLovely Guitar (2007)
    • You'd be So Nice To Come Home To
  • Acoustic Highlights Vol. 5 (2006)
    • Tap Your Other Foot!
  • Fingerstyle Guitar Solos (2006)
    • Tap Your Other Foot!
    • Myosotis
    • Tumbo
    • Snow in London
    • Mugle
    • Phoelix & Grimm
    • Cornerstone
    • The Lowlands of Holland
    • Roundback Rag
    • Morgan Magan
    • Pingu
    • Jantine


  • Guitarology (Peghead Productions, 2014)
  • Gitarologie (Peghead Productions, 2013)
  • Fingerstyle Guitar Solos, The Tab Book (Peghead Productions, 2005)
  • Geheimzinnige Graancirkels (Spectrum Uitgeverij, 2002)
  • Les Cercles dans les Blés et leurs Mystères (Favre, 2002)
  • Faszinierende Kornkreise (Beust Verlag, 2002)
  • La Natura Complessa dei Cerchi nel Grano (Natrix Edition, 2001)
  • The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles (Frog Ltd, 2001)
  • Het Raadsel van de Graancirkels (Ankh Hermes, 1997)
  • Aspects of a Compton Free-Electron Laser (Ph.D. Thesis, 1993)


  • Iedereen kan GITAAR spelen! (Peghead Productions, 2012)
  • Gitaarlessen voor Kerstmis (Peghead Productions, 2009)
  • How to play Fingerstyle Guitar (Peghead Productions, 2009)
  • Fingerstyle Gitarrenspiel: Ein kompletter Kurs (Peghead Productions, 2008)
  • Complete Cursus Fingerstyle Gitaar (Peghead Productions, 2008)

Scientific publications[edit]

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Letters to the Editor[edit]

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