Elvidin Krilić

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Elvidin Krilić
Born (1962-09-30) 30 September 1962 (age 51)
Origin Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Genres Folk, Sevdalinka
Occupations Musician

Elvidin Krilic is a Bosnian musician, accordion player, composer and educator, more commonly known as Edo Krila, was born in Sarajevo, in a family that cherished the Bosnian traditional, folk song. His father Mustafa Krilić, who himself was a well-known accordionist and who worked with all the vocalists of the traditional, folk music who meant something to the ex-Yugoslav music scene from World War II to the present, gave the initial impetus to the young talented boy. And nothing would have happened whatsoever if there had not been a spark of the first, great love between him and the piano accordion, the love that has lasted for over thirty years, and the love that, judging by everything, is not likely to extinguish.

After he had completed an elementary school, he entered the Secondary Music School in Sarajevo, Clarinet Department, Class of the professor Rajmund Likić. At that time, although the music centre, Sarajevo did not have a department for the piano accordion. Although the clarinet was completely a new experience for him, very soon he won a series of republic and national awards. However, that did not prevent the young musician from regular and persistent practicing the musical instrument which would bring him the fame and respect in the music circles of the former country. It was as early as his teens that his first public appearances with the accordion started. He was an active member of the AKUD Slobodan Princip Seljo, one of the best-known cultural and artistic clubs in the former country. After he had completed the Secondary Music School, he studied at the Music Academy in Sarajevo, Class of the professor A. Radan.

At that very time, the great legend of sevdalinka, the late Ismet Alajbegović Šerbo, ceased to be actively engaged in music and retired from the Folk Orchestra of the RTV Sarajevo. The vacancy was filled by the young promising musician, Elvidin Krilić. That was the beginning of his long professional career and productive work during which he co-operated with all the eminent soloists of the traditional song.

At the outbreak of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he lived in Grbavica, the residential quarter of Sarajevo. After his two-year old son had been seriously wounded, the family was transferred to Austria. Edo remained in Sarajevo, working as the chief of the Folk Orchestra of the RTVSA. However, life sometimes writes strange pages, and two years later, the lover of his native town and sevdah left for Austria to join his family. He stayed there and started a new career, as a music teacher. In Austria he graduated from the Music Conservatory, Accordion Department, thus completing his musical education. Anyhow, the love for the folk music and his native town did not allow this musician to stay apart from music developments in BiH for long, so that he still actively cooperates with many music stars, but at the same time unselfishly helps young talented people who are about to take their place in the world of music.

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