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Elvira Vinogradova (Russian: Эльвира Виноградова, born June 16, 1934) is a Russian TV editor.

Elvira Belenina (Russian: Эльвира Беленина) was born in 1934 in Fergana, USSR. She went to school in 1942 and finished it in 1952. She then went to study in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), in the former USSR. There she studied philosophy and theater art. She met her future husband Aleksandr Vinogradov in 1952 and in 1956, upon finishing university as a literature expert in 1956 she got married. She then moved to Kurgan, USSR. In 1958 her son Sergei Vinogradov was born and in 1960 the family moved to Moscow, USSR. There, in 1961 she started to work on a radio station. In 1962 she became a journalist. In 1967 she went on TV working for the national television service. Originally she was a theatrical advisor and slowly rose to become the reporter of cultural news. In 1989 she wanted to organize her own channel but decided to quit work in 1991 and move to the United States. In 1996 she returned and in 1997 she joined the team of TV Kultura where she became a theatrical advisor. In 1999 she became chief editor and in 2001 she became head of the theatrical department

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