Elvira of Castile, Queen of León

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For other people of the same name, see Elvira of Castile.
Elvira García of Castile
Spouse Bermudo II of León
Father García Fernández of Castile
Mother Ava of Ribagorza
Born 965
Died 1017

Elvira García of Castile (965–1017) was a Queen of León, and following her husband's death served as co-regent during the minority of her son.[1]

She was the daughter of García Fernández of Castile and Ava of Ribagorza. She was married to king Bermudo II of León and had three children from this marriage: Alfonso, Theresa, and Sancha.[2]

After the death of her husband in 999, she shared the regency for her son with count Menendo González until 1007, when she retired and became a nun.

One of her daughters-in-law was also called Elvira.

Family tree[edit]


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