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This article is about the volcanic province on Mars. For other uses, see Elysium (disambiguation).
Elysium MOLA zoom 64.jpg
Colorized topographic map of Elysium and its surroundings, from the MOLA instrument of Mars Global Surveyor. The shield volcano Elysium Mons is at center, with the smaller volcanoes Hecates Tholus and Albor Tholus to its upper and lower right, respectively.
Coordinates 25°00′N 147°12′E / 25.0°N 147.2°E / 25.0; 147.2Coordinates: 25°00′N 147°12′E / 25.0°N 147.2°E / 25.0; 147.2

Elysium, located in the Elysium and Cebrenia quadrangles, is the second largest volcanic region on Mars, after Tharsis.[note 1] The region includes the volcanoes (from north to south) Hecates Tholus, Elysium Mons and Albor Tholus. The province is centered roughly on Elysium Mons at 25°00′N 147°12′E / 25.0°N 147.2°E / 25.0; 147.2. Elysium Planitia is a broad plain to the south of Elysium, centered at 3.0° N, 154.7° E.[2] Another large volcano, Apollinaris Mons, lies south of Elysium Planitia and is not part of the province. Besides having large volcanoes, Elysium has several areas with long trenches, called fossa or fossae (plural) on Mars. They include the Cerberus Fossae, Elysium Fossae, and Hephaestus Fossae.

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  1. ^ Officially, "Elysium" is an albedo feature.[1]


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