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Emanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuil or Immanuel is a personal name or surname deriving from the Hebrew name עמנואל (Immanuel, meaning ′God is with us′). The name is common to both Jewish and Christian naming traditions. The middle Hebrew letter "mem" is a gemination giving rise to the co-existence of single "m" and double "mm" (romanized) transliterations in many languages. The name has many variant spellings, including Emanuele in Italy, Imanol in Basque and Manuel in Portugal and Spain.

With regard to Written Torah and Tanach, in Judaism the name עמנואל ("Immanuel") is known to be without any messianic significance.[1] In Talmud and Midrash of the Oral Torah the name does not occur. It is also not among the many names for the Mashiach (′Jewish Messiah′).

In contrast, Christian theology interprets the name in the light of the Gospel according to Matthew 1:23 relating it to devine Jesus, and alleges that it was a prophetic name used in Isaiah 7:14 of the Christian Old Testament.

Notable people with the name or surname include:


  • Ari Emanuel (born 1961), American talent agent, brother of Ezekiel and Rahm
  • Ezekiel Emanuel (born 1957), American bioethicist, brother of Ari and Rahm
  • James Emanuel (1921–2013), American poet and scholar
  • Kerry Emanuel, born 1955, American climate scientist
  • Lee Emanuel (born 1985), British middle-distance runner
  • Maurice Emmanuel (1862-1938), French composer, teacher and musicologist
  • Rahm Emanuel (born 1959), American politician and current mayor of Chicago, brother of Ari and Ezekiel
  • Tom Emanuel (1915–1997), a Welsh footballer
  • Tommy Emmanuel (born 1955), Australian guitar player
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