Emanuele Ne Vunda

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Painting of Emanuele Ne Vunda, Sala dei Corazzieri, Palazzo del Quirinale, Rome, 1615-1616.

Emanuele Ne Vunda (died 1608), also Antonio Emanuele Ne Vunda, or Antonio Emmanuele Funta, was an ambassador from Congo, sent by the king of Congo Alvaro II to Pope Paul V in 1604–1608.[1] Ne-Vunda traveled through Brazil and Spain and only reached Rome on 3 January 1608, but he died two days later of illness.

A 1608–1609 bust of Ne-Vunda made in colored marble can be seen at Santa Maria Maggiore, by Francesco Caporale.[2]

A painting of Emanuele Ne Vunda is visible in the Sala dei Corazzieri, Palazzo del Quirinale in Rome, next to a painting depicting the 1615 embassy of Hasekura Tsunenaga from Japan.



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