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The Embassy of India (S: 印度驻华大使馆,北京, T: 印度駐華大使館,北京, P: Yìndù Zhùhuá Dàshǐguǎn Běijīng) is located in the Liangmaqiao area of Chaoyang District, Beijing. The embassy is located within a $10 million U.S. dollar, 13,500-square-metre (145,000 sq ft) facility in proximity to various office buildings, the Embassy of the United States, and the Embassy of Israel.[1]


The Indian mission originally occupied the Beijing Legation Quarter. The facility received damage during the Cultural Revolution. Around that period many diplomatic missions began moving to specified diplomatic enclaves. In 1969 the embassy moved to a location near Ritan Park in Chaoyang. The Ritan embassy, which the mission had moved into in 1969, was a wooden two-story structure. Ananth Krishnan of The Hindu said the old embassy was "old-fashioned and increasingly cramped".[1] While the Ritan embassy operated, 29 diplomats, 28 Chinese employees, and 33 non-diplomat Indian employees worked in the embassy. The Indian government purchased a land site, which houses the current embassy, in 1989 for a 90 year lease for around $1 million U.S. The current embassy opened in 2012.[1] The inauguration ceremony occurred on Wednesday 8 February 2012. S.M. Krishna, the External Affairs Minister, attended the ceremony.[2]


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