Embassy of Russia in Kiev

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Embassy of Russia in Kiev
RussiaEmbassy 2008.jpg
Location Kyiv
Address 27 Povitroflotskyi Prospekt, 04112 Kyiv, Ukraine
Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov

The Embassy of Russia in Kiev is the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation to Ukraine. The chancery is located at 27 Povitroflotskyi Prospekt in Ukraine's capital Kiev.[1]

Applications for Russian visas are not received at this location but at 8 Kutuzova (~300 meters northeast of the Percherska metro station, enter from Arsenalna street) before 1 pm weekdays.


Following independence, Ukraine August 24, 1991 Russia recognized Ukraine's independence December 5, 1991. Diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia were established February 14, 1992 by the signing of the Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. August 6, 1992 the Russian Federation opened an embassy in Kyiv.

During early March 2014, demonstrations were held outside the Russian embassy in Kyiv in response to a Russian intervention in Crimea.[2] On 14 June 2014 between 200 and 300 protesters overturned several cars of embassy staff and replaced the Russian flag with the battle flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in protest against alleged Russian governmental involvement in the 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine.[3][4][5] The protests were followed by "negotiations" (organised by the Security Service of Ukraine) between protesters and embassy-staff.[6] In these the protesters demanded that the personnel of the Russian embassy "as a hotbed of anti-Ukrainian activities" should immediately leave Ukraine and that Russia should recognize that it was waging an undeclared war against Ukraine.[6]

Previous Ambassadors[edit]

  1. Leonid Smolyakov (1991-1996)
  2. Yuri Dubinin (1996-1999)
  3. Ivan Aboimov (1999-2001)
  4. Viktor Chernomyrdin (2001-2009)[7]
  5. Vsevolod Loskutov (2009), Chargé d'Affaires ad interim
  6. Mikhail Zurabov (2009 -)[8][9]

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