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Embi is located in Kazakhstan
Location in Aktobe Province, Kazakhstan
Coordinates: 48°49′36″N 58°08′39″E / 48.82667°N 58.14417°E / 48.82667; 58.14417Coordinates: 48°49′36″N 58°08′39″E / 48.82667°N 58.14417°E / 48.82667; 58.14417
Country Kazakhstan
Region Aktobe Region
District Mugalzhar District
Settlement 1870
Population (2009)[1]
 • Total 11,212
Time zone Yekaterinburg Time (UTC+5)

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Embi (Kazakh: Ембі) is a town in Mugalzhar District in Aktobe Region of western Kazakhstan. The town is located on the left bank of the Emba River. Population: 11,212 (2009 Census results);[1] 12,345 (1999 Census results).[1]


Embi (Emba) was founded in the 1900s, when the railroad connecting Orenburg and Tashkent was built. At the time, it was a part of Turgay Oblast. After a number of administrative transformations, in 1936 Embi ended up in Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. Embi was a part of Aktobe Region. In 1937, it was granted status of urban-type settlement. By 1958, it belonged to Zhoryn District,[2] which was eventually abolished and merged into Oktyabrsky District (which was later renamed Mugalzhar District). In 1967, Embi was granted town status.[3]

The former military installation to the south of Embi known as "Embi-5" was renamed Zhem and was granted town status.



Embi is mostly serving the railway station, there is also food industry present.[3]


Embi is a railway station on the Trans-Aral Railway, which connects Orenburg and Tashkent. It is also connected to Kandyagash by a road. The same road continues east of Embi to provide access to the E38 highway between Aktobe and Shymkent.


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