Embrace (non-profit)

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Type Non-profit organization
Industry Health Care
Founded 2008
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Key people
Website www.embraceglobal.org

Embrace is a non profit organization providing low-cost incubators to prevent neonatal deaths in rural areas in developing countries.[1] The organization was developed in 2008 during the multidisciplinary Entrepreneurial Design For Extreme Affordability course at Stanford University by group members Jane Chen, Linus Liang, Rahul Panicker, and Naganand Murty.[2][3]


The Embrace infant warmer is a low-cost solution that maintains premature and low-birth-weight babies’ body temperature. The infant warmer is portable, safe, reusable, and requires only intermittent access to electricity.[4] Each baby warmer is priced at approximately $25.[5][6] The Embrace development team won the fellowship at the Echoing Green competition in 2008 for this concept.[7][8] Embrace also won the 2007-2008 Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students Social E-Challenge competition grand prize.[citation needed] At a ceremony at BAFTA in London on December 3rd 2013 Jane Chen, Linus Liang, Naganand Murty and Rahul Panicker won an innovation award from the Economist.[9]


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