Emerald Ridge High School

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Emerald Ridge High School
12405 184th Street East
Puyallup, Washington, (Pierce County), 98374
United States
Type Public secondary
Established 2000
School district Puyallup School District
Principal Karey Johnson
Grades 10–12
Enrollment 1,570 (September 2014)
Campus Suburban
Color(s) Green, Black and Silver             
Fight song "Hail to the Victors"
Mascot Jaguar
Newspaper {JagWire} & erhsjagwire.com
Yearbook Facets

Emerald Ridge High School is a high school in the Puyallup School District of Washington, United States and is commonly referred to as ERHS or simply ER. Emerald Ridge opened in September 2000. It features green, black and silver as its primary colors and has a jaguar as its official mascot. The enrollment is currently just above 1,600[1] In the 2008-2009 school year, 10th graders showed 90.1% competency in Reading, 55% in Math, 97.7% in Writing and 44.4% in Science.[2]

Inaugural Class of 2002[edit]

This first class to graduate from ERHS was in 2002, and had their 10 year class reunion in July 2012.


Commencement, or graduation, is held every year at the Puyallup Fairgrounds in June. The ceremony for 2013 took place June 15.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Megan Jendrick, formerly Quann, is a swimmer and double Olympic Gold medalist from the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and author of the book Get Wet, Get Fit.[3] She also capped an unprecedented comeback to the sport of swimming by qualifying for, and winning a silver medal at, the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Class of 2002.
  • Nathan Jendrick, author of Dunks, Doubles, Doping: How Steroids Are Killing American Athletics,[4] Get Wet, Get Fit,[5] Death, Drugs & Muscle: The Gregg Valentino Story, BALCO: The Straight Dope On Barry Bonds, Marion Jones and What We Can Do To Save Sports, Gym-Free and Ripped, and Gym-Free and Toned. Married to Olympic swimmer Megan Jendrick (Quann), and has coached the boys swimming team at ERHS. Class of 2003.
  • Tommy Snider, actor and host of a children's show on Nickelodeon. Most recently has a guest role in the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy.
  • Quinn Wolcott, MLB umpire.

Athletics and Activities[edit]

  • Football:
    • While Emerald Ridge has never won a football championship, they've had two winning seasons at 6 wins 4 losses in the '04-'05 & '05-'06 season. The Jaguars won arguably their biggest game ever when they defeated their cross town rivals, Governor John R. Rogers High School(a.k.a. the Rams), on September 14, 2007 by a score of 20-19.[6] On the Rams final drive with sixteen seconds to play, the Rams scored a touchdown. In an effort to avoid a tie, they attempted a two point conversion the following play; they ran a sweep play towards the sideline, and just short of the goal line their running back was stopped when he tried to cut back to the middle. On the following kickoff, the game expired making Emerald Ridge the victors. The Jaguars went on to win their game the following week, and achieving the school's longest winning streak of five games.

On October 8, 2010, the Jags defeated their crosstown rivals, the Puyallup Vikings, by a score of 20-17, earning their first victory since the 2008 season. The win snapped a 19-game losing streak for the team, and was the first time they had beaten the Vikings in the school's history.

  • Boys Baseball
    • 2009 2nd in SPSL South Division
  • Girl Fastpitch
    • 2009 SPSL Tournament Champions (Undefeated)
  • Girls Bowling:
    • 2010 4A State Champions (Undefeated)
    • 2010 4A State Individual Champion - Shannon Dexter
    • 2010 West Central District Champions
    • 2010 SPSL Tournament Champions
    • 2010 SPSL League Champions (Undefeated)
    • 2009 4A State Champions (Undefeated)
    • 2009 West Central District Champions
    • 2009 SPSL Tournament Champions
    • 2009 SPSL League Champions (Undefeated)
    • 2008 SPSL Tournament Champions
  • Girls Golf:
    • 2005 SPSL Undefeated Champions
    • 2004 SPSL Champions (9-1)
  • Boys Golf:
    • 2008 SPSL Champions (9-1)
    • 2005 SPSL Undefeated Champions
  • Volleyball:
    • 3rd Place 2005 4A State
    • League Champions 2005 SPSL South
    • District Champions 2005 SPSL
    • 4th Place 2004 4A State
    • 4th Place 2003 4A State
    • 6th Place 2002 4A State
    • 5th Place 2001 4A State
  • Girls Tennis:
    • 2005 SPSL South Champions
    • 4th Place 2004 4A State
    • 2004 SPSL South Champions
    • 2004 SPSL District Champions
    • 5th Place 2003 4A State
    • 6th Place 2002 4B State
  • Wrestling:
    • 2006 SPSL South Dual Meet Champions
    • 2006 SPSL South Tournament Champions
    • 2005 SPSL South Dual Meet Champions (Undefeated)
    • 2005 Regional Champions
    • 6th Place 2005 4A State
  • Boys Cross Country
    • 2008 Co-SPSL South Champions (7-1)
    • 2008 State Championship 15th Place
    • 2009 SPSL South Champions (5-0)
  • Girls Cross Country
    • 2009 SPSL South Champions (5-0)
  • Dance Team
    • Achieved Excellent and Superior Ratings at the state level in the WIAA Dance/Drill Competitions every year except 2007
  • Gymnastics
    • Won the state competition during the 2012-2013 school year.

Daffodil Festival[edit]

Every year, Emerald Ridge participates in the Pierce County Daffodil Festival. A competition is held in house to select the Puyallup Princess, who goes on to compete against other regional schools, for the Daffodil Festival Queen title. The Queen title is considered the highest honor of the regional festival. The Emerald Ridge band accompanies the float of Emerald Ridge's princesses every year in the parade, held annually in April. The Queen and runners-up receive scholarships for post-high school education, and 2009 was the first year that one of ERHS's princesses was selected as Queen (Melanie Stambaugh).[7] In the 2013-2014 school year ERHS selected two Daffodil princesses. One of them went on to become the Daffodil Queen (Marissa Modestowicz).

JagWire newsmagazine[edit]

Emerald Ridge's official newspaper is {JagWire} newsmagazine. The paper was named by a Puyallup High School teacher and the adviser of the Viking Vanguard.

{JagWire} published a 28-page monthly newspaper for many years until it was dropped to a 16-page newsmagazine in 2010. During that time the print publication followed mostly the same design, until a redesign in 2010 led by then Editor-in-Chief Allie Rickard, the 2010-2011 WJEA Journalist of the Year.

During the 2014-2015 school year, {JagWire} dropped down to six 16-page publications that year instead of the usual eight. That same year {JagWire} started its online addition to the print publication, erhsjagwire.com , and set up social media accounts for Twitter (@GetJagWired) and Instagram (@erjagwire). The print publication also featured a new design, the first since 2010. [8]

{JagWire} has won various state and national awards for its print publication, as well as numerous individual write-off awards from its staff members.

  • National Awards [9]
    • 2002 NSPA National Online Pacemaker Award for Jagwired.com (Phoenix, Arizona)
    • 2002 6th place NSPA Best of Show: Newspaper Special Issue (Phoenix, Arizona)
    • 2002 2nd place NSPA Best of Show: Newsmagazine (Phoenix, Arizona)
    • 2002 Columbia Scholastic Press Association: Gold Medal Certificate (New York, New York)
    • 2003 6th place NSPA Best of Show: Newspaper Special Issue
    • 2003 6th place NSPA Best of Show: Newsmagazine
    • 2003 Columbia Scholastic Press Association: Silver Crown Certificate (New York, New York)
    • 2004 5th place NSPA Best of Show: Newsmagazine (San Diego, California)
    • 2005 NSPA Newspaper Pacemaker Award finalist (Seattle, Washington)
    • 2005 3rd place NSPA Best of Show: Newsmagazine (Seattle, Washington)
    • 2006 3rd place NSPA Best of Show: Newsmagazine (San Francisco, California)
    • 2006 NSPA National Newspape Pacemaker Award winner (San Francisco, California)
  • State Awards
    • 2004 WJEA Best of Show Award
    • 2005 Edward R. Murrow Symposium Award: 1st place Best Edition (WSU: Pullman, Washington)
    • 2008 WJEA Best of Show Award

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