Emerald Soup

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Emerald Soup
Format Drama / Science fiction
Starring William Dexter, Janina Faye
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 7
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel Associated British Corporation
Original run 9 November 1963 – 21 December 1963

Emerald Soup is a British children's science fiction television series. The series, consisting of seven 25 minutes episodes produced by Associated British Corporation for the ITV network, was aired from 9 November 1963 to 21 December 1963. It conflicted with the initial BBC episodes of Doctor Who, being presented at the same time each week on ITV.


The series was set in a small rural community, where a group of local children discover a laboratory constructed in the vicinity that is conducting secret radiation tests. The children attempt to stop these tests before any damage can be done to the environment.


  • Jessica Maxwell - Jessica Spencer
  • John Maxwell - William Dexter
  • Jo Maxwell - Janina Faye
  • Gally Lloyd - Karl Lanchbury
  • Tim Maxwell - Gregory Phillips
  • Penny Dalton - Annette Andre
  • Poynter - Michael Bangerter
  • Mrs Evans - Ethel Gabriel
  • Gaunt - Allan McClelland
  • Lee - Frederic Abbott
  • Pascoe - Blake Butler


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