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The Portuguese Integrated Emergency Medical Service (IEMS) (Portuguese: Sistema Integrado de Emergência Médica, SIEM) is managed by INEM (Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica) that depends on Ministry of Health (Ministério da Saúde).[1] It works like other SAMU/IEMS networks of Europe or Brazil.

Mobile Resources[edit]

INEM's SBV ambulance
  • BLS Basic Life Support Ambulances-Ambulâncias AEM / ABSC.[2] BLS ambulances are staffed by two ambulance technicians (Técnicos de Emergência), they are based in Fire Departments and INEM bases.
  • ILS Immediate Life Support Ambulances-Ambulâncias SIV.[3] The crew consists of a nurse and a technician.
  • Fly car-Resuscitation and Emergency Medical Vehicles-VMER Viaturas Médicas de Emergência e Reanimação [4] staffed by an emergency physician and a nurse.
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Ambulances-Ambulância de Suporte Avançado de Vida Pediátrico with a physician, a nurse and a technician (for interfacility transport).
  • Helicopter Emergency Medical Service-Helicópteros de Emergência médica[5] with two pilots, one physician and one nurse.
  • Medical Emergency Motorcycle-Motociclo de Emergência Médica[6] crewed by only one Emergency Technician.
  • Disaster Intervention Vehicle-Veículo de Intervenção em Catástrofe[7] these units transport ALS equipment, they can install a small Field Hospital and a Mobile Communications Central.

Portuguese CODU/SAMU Medical Emergencies Regulation Centers[edit]

In Portugal, the emergency telephone number for emergency medical service is 1-1-2. When someone calls 1-1-2, free of charge, it is directed to a PSP emergency central, and it will direct, in the case it is an Medical Emergency, to one of the following CODU (Centro de Orientação de Doentes Urgentes - Medical Emergencies Regulation Center)

CODU de Lisboa

CODU de Porto

CODU de Coimbra

CODU de Faro

Portuguese INEM Schools

Organization in Portuguese Atlantic Islands

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