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Emerson is a surname derived from Anglo-Saxon Emars sunu, meaning "son of Emar" or "son of Ethelmar". It commonly misinterpreted that the name is derived from "Emery's son". As a surname, Emerson may refer to:

In literature[edit]

In art[edit]

In business[edit]

  • Ernest Emerson (born 1955), American messersmith, and martial arts expert
  • John Wesley Emerson (1832–1899), lawyer, historian, Civil War officer, and founder of the Emerson Electric Company

In entertainment[edit]

In science[edit]

In politics[edit]

  • Arthur Emerson, 21st Governor of American Samoa
  • Bill Emerson (1938–1996), aka Norvell William Emerson, American US congressman from Missouri
  • Craig Emerson (born 1954), Australian Labor Party representative from Queensland
  • David Emerson (born 1945), Canadian politician, businessman, civil servant
  • Frank Emerson (1882–1931), American politician, former governor of the US state of Wyoming
  • James A. Emerson (1865–1922), New York politician
  • Jo Ann Emerson (born 1950), American congresswoman from Missouri, and widow of former congressman Bill Emerson
  • John Emerson (mayor) (1859–1932), Canadian politician; former mayor of Calgary, Alberta
  • Louis W. Emerson (1857–1924), US congressman from New York
  • Newton Emerson, Northern Irish political commentator and satirist
  • Rupert Emerson (1899–1979), American professor of political science and international relations
  • Herbert William Emerson (1881–1962), governor of Punjab, British India

In sport[edit]

  • Denise Emerson (born 1960), Australian cricketer
  • Eddie Emerson (1892-1970), Canadian football player
  • Gary Emerson (born 1963), English golfer and winner of the 2004 Russian Open
  • Nelson Emerson (born 1967), Canadian right wing hockey player formerly in the National Hockey League
  • Ross Emerson (born 1954), Australian international cricket umpire
  • Roy Emerson (born 1936), Australian tennis player


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