Emii, Imo

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Emii is a town in Imo State in the south eastern Nigeria, near the city of Owerri. The ancient Emii town is made up of ten villages but with development and also for political reasons the Ancient Emii town is now divided into three communities,namely: Mbaoma, Ezimba and Emii central community. It is the birthplace of Bongo music Emii ancient town till date maintains its rich cultural festival known as "Okazi Festival". According to Nze Nze Chike Ben, Okazi Emii is one of the best cultural festivals in the east of the Niger. This festival is worth witnessing than being told. It is being celebrated at the end of every year but the particular date varies with a particular market day known as "Afor Emeohe". Okazi festival is a celebration of peace with the reagents known as "Oha" championing peace as a social order as it was in the ancient time. Thus, Emii has some cultural sites which will be uploaded very soon. By Nwachukwu Elvis Akujobi.

Coordinates: 5°27′N 7°06′E / 5.450°N 7.100°E / 5.450; 7.100