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Emil Dimitrov (Bulgarian: Емил Димитров) (December 23, 1940, Pleven - March 30, 2005, Sofia) was a popular Bulgarian singer. He made his debut in 1960 and recorded about 30 albums altogether. In the 60s Lili Ivanova and Emil Dimitrov were the most popular singers of modern songs. During the last years of his life he exhibited a talent for drawing as well.


Bulgarian Evergreens[edit]

  1. Моя страна, моя България (My country, my Bulgaria) - Emil Dimitrov; Director: Stilian Ivanov

Само един живот не е достатъчен (Only a life is not enough)[edit]

  1. Ако си дал... (If you have given something...) - Emil Dimitrov
  2. Писмо до мама (A letter to my mother) - Emil Dimitrov
  3. Само тази нощ (Only tonight) - Lili Ivanova
  4. Само един живот (Only a life) - Iordanka Hristova
  5. Сбогом, Мария (Good-Bye Maria) - Panaiot Panaiotov

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