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Emil Vincent Kolb (born 1936, Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan) is the non-elected chair of Peel Regional council in Ontario, Canada. He began serving his fifth term in that role in 2003. Prior to his appointment as regional chair in 1991, Kolb was a two-term mayor of Caledon (1985 to 1991) and has been a regional councillor since Peel Region was established in 1973. Before that, he served on the council of Albion Township. Kolb was raised in the Bolton area and his family have operated farms in Caledon since 1939.

  • He was a member and Chair of the Albion Township Planning Board prior to becoming, in the early 1970s, an Albion Township Councillor.
  • A Regional Councillor since the establishment of Peel Regional government in 1973
  • From 1985 to 1991, served as Mayor of Caledon for two terms
  • First elected as Chair of Peel Regional Council, on Dec. 12, 1991
  • Chair of the Peel Police Services Board, a position held since January 1996
  • Fifth and current term as Regional Chair began in December 2003
  • Is the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation of the Regional Municipality of Peel (A CEO Managing ~$3 Billion in public money annually and for more than 15 years since first appointed)
  • As Regional Chair, is ex officio member of all committees of Council
  • Awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
  • Active fundraiser raising over $200,000 for a variety of charities such as the United Way of Peel Region

Still operating a family farm with son Paul, daughter-in-law Marion and their family. “I still do my chores every day,” says Mr. Kolb. “Each morning before I come to work, I feed the cattle.” Mr. Kolb and wife Beryle have four children and seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Notable statements made in public office[edit]

"Mississauga Council is crying for their municipality to be permitted to leave the Region of Peel. They have a plan that can be described as less than stable, that would see some services fragmented back to municipalities, others pushed back up to the Province and still others delivered across the Greater Toronto Area by some kind of service board. They have worked hard to muster a citizens' agenda, but much like a balloon, without the continuous application of heat, the chance of this great cause rising is not great. If the heat source for this less-than-accurate platform falters, so does the cause." [1]

Given in response to Mississauga's request to leave the Region of Peel and become a single tier municipality


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