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Emile Kelman is an American record producer and audio engineer.

Emile has been engineering for producer T Bone Burnett for over 8 years. This opportunity has seen Emile work with some of the world's greatest artists such as Willie Nelson, Robert Plant, BB King, John Mellencamp and Alison Krauss. Emile has also worked on film music and score on productions such as Crazy Heart, Walk The Line, and Across The Universe.[1] Working under the tutelage of Burnett has had an obvious impact on Emile's work as he has absorbed his mentor's philosophy on sound while developing his own approach to production.

Emile recently produced the record Myth of the Heart for Austin-based artist Sahara Smith, a project shepherded by T Bone Burnett. Sahara’s record features most of the musicians from the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss record Raising Sand, including Jay Bellerose, Marc Ribot, Dennis Crouch and Greg Leisz.[2] Emile's work on Myth Of The Heart reveals both his technical dexterity and his perspective on music making and sound landscapes. The Los Angeles Times said of the recording that Emile "learned his lessons well studying under T Bone Burnett" and gave Sahara's songs "plenty of sonic air in which to breathe".[3]

Emile has also produced several independent records for artists including Bryan Greenberg, with several songs placed on television shows including One Tree Hill, and ABC’s October Road. Emile’s curiosity with sound has led him to write a large volume of instrumentals, with heavy, dark and tough tones; a number of which were placed in the documentary Dirty Hands about Los Angeles artist David Choe.

In the winter of 2009, Emile was also Music Supervisor for Tough Trade, a TV pilot executive produced by T Bone Burnett and Lionsgate. Emile was Burnett's “eyes and ears” on the set in Nashville, working with the lead actors, guiding them with vocal and instrument lessons in order to achieve accurate and believable performances for pre-recordings and camera.

Kelman is also a classical cellist – a core part of his personality and musical approach. Since the age of 5 he has enjoyed playing with many elite orchestras and chamber music ensembles. He credits most of his advancements in music production to his detailed and soulful experiences in classical music. Currently, he writes string arrangements and plays on records for artists and bands, including a number of the songs he has produced.


Notable credits include:[4][5]

Project Artist Credit
God V. Girl David Poe Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Cellos
The Ghost & The Scratch Doran Danoff Producer, Engineer, Mixer
More Townes Van Zandt By The Great Unknown Leslie Stevens & The Badgers Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Broken Gold Erin Ivey Mixer, Arranger
Myth of the Heart Sahara Smith Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Cellos
Untitled Greg Allman Edit Engineer
Tough Trade (Pilot) Television: Lionsgate, Epix Music Supervisor
Country Music Willie Nelson 2nd Engineer
Women + Country Jakob Dylan 2nd Engineer
Crazy Heart Soundtrack 2nd Engineer
We Walk This Road Robert Randolph 2nd Engineer
Life, Death, Love and Freedom John Mellencamp Engineer
Akiko Akiko Yano 2nd Engineer
Loverly Cassandra Wilson 2nd Engineer
One Kind Favor B.B. King 2nd Engineer
Still BoDeans Engineer
Raising Sand Robert Plant/Allison Krause 2nd Engineer
Across The Universe Soundtrack Engineer
Waiting For Now Brian Greenberg Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Cellos
The Story Brandi Carlile Engineer
Riverside Battle Songs Ollabelle 2nd Engineer
True False Identity T Bone Burnett 2nd Engineer
Twenty/Twenty T Bone Burnett 2nd Engineer
Thunderbird Cassandra Wilson 2nd Engineer
Teacher's Toolkit Camp Clovenhoof Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Distant Land To Roam Ralph Stanley 2nd Engineer
Walk The Line Soundtrack 2nd Engineer
Howl Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2nd Engineer
Ladykillers Soundtrack 2nd Engineer
Boot and a Shoe Sam Phillips 2nd Engineer


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