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Emilia Aylmer Blake, also known as Emilia Aylmer Gowing, (1846–1905) was a British dramatist, novelist and poet.

Blake was born in Bath, Somerset, England, the daughter of a Dublin lawyer. She was educated in England and France.[1] She became known for her recitations and her poetry written for recitation, including her dramatic poem about heroine Alice Ayres. In 1877, Blake married actor William Gowing.[1]


  • France Discrowned and other poems, Chapman and Hall, London, (1874)
  • The Jewel Reputation[when?]
  • My Only Love (1880)
  • The Cithern Poems for Recitation (1886)
  • An Unruly Spirit, V.F. White, London. (1890)
  • Boadicea, a play in four acts, K. Paul, Trench, Trübner, London, (1899)


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