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Thomas & Friends character
Emily the Engine.jpg
First appearance "Emily's New Coaches"
Created by Jan Page
Portrayed by Jules de Jongh (US)
Teresa Gallagher (UK)
Gender "Female"

Emily the Stirling Engine 2003-current (Series 7-current) is a fictional anthropomorphic steam locomotive from the television series Thomas & Friends. She was the first female steam engine to be featured in the television series, and is the only female member of the "Steam Team", the eight core characters of the series. She is painted dark green, and has large driving wheels and a shiny brass safety valve cover.

When she first arrived on the Island of Sodor, she took Thomas's coaches Annie and Clarabel by mistake, much to Thomas' dismay. However after she rescued Thomas and Oliver from an accident, Thomas forgave her. The Fat Controller rewarded her with two coaches of her own. From Season 8 to season 11 she has been depicted as a rather bossy character, which can make her difficult to work with at times, but since Season 12 she became very kind. She is sometimes a "big sister" figure to the smaller engines like Thomas and Percy. She speaks with a Scottish accent in the U.K narration, and in the U.S narration she speaks with an American accent

Emily is the only member of the Steam Team who does not appear in the Railway Series, the books that form the basis of the television series, and she is also the only member in the Steam Team not to be created by the Rev. W. Awdry. She was a relatively late addition to the TV series, arriving in Series 7.

In the more recent (CGI) stories, from Hero of the Rails onwards, Emily is voiced by Jules de Jongh (US) and Teresa Gallagher (UK).


Emily is based on a Stirling 4-2-2 of the Great Northern Railway. These locomotives were used on high-speed express services from York to London in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Great Northern Railway used a dark emerald green livery on their locomotives similar to that carried by Emily.

Whilst the Stirling 4-2-2 is a tender engine, Emily is incorrectly described as a tank engine in some of the Thomas and Friends books.[1]


Since arriving on Sodor, Emily has appeared in many stories. The following is a list of the episodes in which Emily is the main character:

  • "Emily's New Coaches" (Season 7, episode 1) – Emily's arrival on the railway
  • "What's the Matter with Henry?" (Series 7, episode 6)
  • "Salty's Stormy Tale" (Series 7, episode 13)
  • "Something Fishy" (Season 7, episode 15)
  • "Peace and Quiet" (Season 7, episode 17)
  • "Bulgy Rides Again" (Series 7, episode 19)
  • "Gordon and Spencer" (Season 7, episode 23)
  • "James Gets a New Coat"(Series 8, episode 5)
  • "Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough" (Season 8, episode 8)
  • "Don't Tell Thomas" (Season 8, episode 9)
  • "Emily's New Route" (Series 8, episode 10)
  • "Gordon Takes Charge" (Season 8, episode 12)
  • "Spic and Span" (Series 8, episode 13)
  • "Thomas and the Circus" (Season 8, episode 16)
  • "Thomas Gets It Right" (Season 8, episode 17)
  • "As Good As Gordon" (Series 8, episode 18)
  • "Emily's Adventure" (Series 8, episode 19)
  • "Halloween" (Series 8, episode 20)
  • "Chickens to School" (Series 8, episode 24)
  • "James Goes Too Far" (Season 8, episode 25)
  • "Percy and the Magic Carpet" (Season 8, episode 26)
  • "Thomas and the Rainbow" (Season 9, episode 2)
  • "Emily Knows Best" (Series 9, episode 17)
  • "Thomas and the New Engine" (Series 9, episode 11)
  • "Thomas' Milkshake Muddle" (Series 9, episode 3)
  • "Respect for Gordon" (Series 9, episode 6)
  • "Emily and the Special Coaches"/"Emily and the Special Cars" (Series 10, episode 21)
  • "Emily's Rubbish"/"Emily And The Garbage" (Series 11, episode 2)
  • "Thomas and the Storyteller" (Series 11, episode 1)
  • "Dirty Work (Season 11)" (Series 11, episode 4)
  • "Excellent Emily" (Series 12, episode 8)
  • "Rosie's Funfair Special"/"Rosie's Carnival Special" (Series 12, episode 3)
  • "A Blooming Mess" (Series 13, episode 12)
  • "Thomas and the Runaway Kite (Series 13, episode 13)
  • "Pingy Pongy Pick Up" (Series 14, episode 3)
  • "Victor Says Yes" (Series 14, episode 9)
  • "Emily and Dash" (Season 15, episode 3)
  • "Kevin the Steamie (Season 15, episode 16)
  • "Emily's Winter Party Special" (Season 16, episode 14)
  • "No Snow for Thomas" (Season 17, episode 17)
  • "Flatbeds of Fear" (Season 18, episode 3)



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