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Emily Howell is a computer program created by UC Santa Cruz professor of music David Cope during the 1990s. Emily consists of an interactive interface that allows both musical and language communication. By encouraging and discouraging the program, Cope attempts to “teach” it to compose music more to his liking. The program uses only the output of a previous composing program called Experiments in Musical Intelligence (EMI)[1] as a source database for its musical choices. Although Cope does not go into explicit detail or cite extensive prior work, the software appears to be based on latent semantic analysis.[2]

Emily Howell’s first album was released in February 2010 by Centaur Records (CRC 3023). Titled From Darkness, Light, this album contains her Opus 1, Opus 2, and Opus 3 compositions for chamber orchestra and multiple pianos. Her second album was released in December 2012 by Centaur Records (CRC 3255).


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