Emine Gülbahar Hatun

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Gülbahar Hatun
Gülbahar Hatun tomb.jpg
The interior appearance of the cenotaph in Gülbahar's mausoleum at the Fatih Mosque, Istanbul.
Born Emine
c. 1432
Albania or Kosovo
Died 1492
Constantinople, the Ottoman Empire
Resting place
Fatih Mosque, Istanbul
Known for Valide Sultan
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Fatih Sultan Mehmed
Children Adoptive son Bayezid II
Daughter Gevherhan Sultan
Parents The daughter of Abdullah

Emine Gülbahar Hatun (c. 1432–1492) was the first wife Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, and Valide Sultan during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II for eleven years from 1481 until 1492.

Gülbahar's mausoleum at the Fatih Mosque, Istanbul.

She was of Albanian origin.[1] The Ottoman inscription (vakfiye) describes her as Hātun binti Abdullah (Daughter of Abdullah), which means that her father was possibly an Albanian convert to Islam. She was the daughter of an Albanian Bey and was married to Mehmed II in 1446 at Manisa.

She was the Valide sultan for Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II and the mother of Gevherhan Sultan.[2][3] When Bayezid II ascended the throne, Gülbahar acquired the equivalent title of Valide Sultan (since Ayşe Hafsa Sultan being the First Valide Sultan as equivalent to the Queen Mother) for eleven years as the widow of Mehmed II.

In popular culture[edit]

In 2012 film, Fetih 1453, Gülbahar was portrayed by Şahika Koldemir.

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Ottoman royalty
Preceded by
Emine Hatun
Valide Sultan
Succeeded by
Ayşe Hafsa Sultan