Eminence Independent Schools

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Eminence Independent Schools
Henry County, Kentucky
Type High School
Established 1902
Superintendent Buddy Berry
Enrollment 500

Eminence Independent Schools is one of two school districts in Henry County, Kentucky and is divided into three schools, Eminence Elementary, Eminence Middle, and Eminence High. All three schools are located on the same campus and share some of the same facilities, like a gym, cafeteria, computer lab, and library. All of these facilities provide an environment that is suitable for optimal learning. The population of the school allows for smaller class sizes and student(s) to teacher(s) ratio.

The school was established in 1902 at its current premises, but burned down in 1942. It was then rebuilt in the same location.


Grading Scale

The grading scale set some of the highest standards for students across the nation. To pass, a student must maintain at least a B average in every class, a new system that has been phased in over the years.


The site-based council for Eminence Middle and High Schools passed a measure that requires all students participate in at least one extracurricular activity per year to be promoted to the next grade.


  • Superintendent: Mr. Buddy Berry
  • Instructional Supervisor Mr. Thom Coffee
  • High/Middle Principal: Mrs. Shannon Treece
  • Elementary Principal: Mr. Michael Doran
  • Director of Student Support Services/Athletic Director: Mrs. Donna McClamroch
  • Director of Special Education: Mrs. Regina Wallace
  • Director of Transportation: Mr. Darrell Scriber
  • Bookkeeper: Mrs. Tamera Soto
  • Library/Media Specialist: Mrs. Penny Bland
  • Director of Food Services: Mrs. Becky Barnett
  • Director of Personnel: Mrs. Paula Fisher

Faculty and Staff[edit]


  • Tanya Mitchell - 5-6 Social Studies
  • Lynn Wilson - 5-6 Science
  • Janet Golden - 5-6 Mathematics
  • Jackie Hayes - 5-6 Language Arts
  • Toni Moore-5-6 Special Education
  • Chris Nethery - 7-8 Social Studies
  • Steve Metcalfe - 7-8 Science
  • Cristin Lucata - 7-8 Mathematics
  • Jennifer Montgomery - 7-8 Language Arts
  • Bill Covington - 7-8 Special Education


  • Courtney Schirr - 9-12 Mathematics, math seminar
  • Lynn Covington - 9-12 Social Studies, consumer economics and psychology
  • Kristan Lively - 9-12 Mathematics
  • Dawn Welch - 9-12 Science
  • Lisa Erwin - 10,12 English, Senior Seminar, sophomore seminar, junior seminar
  • Cara Puckett - 11-12 English, Senior Seminar
  • Kimberly James - 9 English, Media Journalism, Character Education, freshman seminar
  • Paul McDowell - 9-12 Physical Education
  • Curtis Moss - Chorus and band director (elective)
  • Carter Martin - Computer skills
  • Steve Fromeyer - Principal (Middle and High)
  • Donna Mcclamroch - Assistant Principal
  • Paula Fisher - Administrative Assistant
  • Penny Bland - Librarian
  • Tina Blevins - Assistant Librarian

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