List of rulers of Mosul

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This is a list of the rulers of the Iraqi city of Mosul .

Hamdanid Dynasty[edit]

Main article: Hamdanid Dynasty

Uqaylid Dynasty[edit]

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Zengid dynasty[edit]

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Lu'lu'id dynasty[edit]


  • Bayazid 1382-1383
  • To the Horde of the Black Sheep 1383-1401
  • To the Timurid Empire 1401-1405
  • To the Horde of the Black Sheep 1405-1468
  • To the Horde of the White Sheep 1468-1508
  • To Persia 1508-1534
  • To the Ottoman Empire 1534-1623
  • To Persia 1623-1638
  • To the Ottoman Empire 1638-1917

Ottoman governors of Mosul[edit]