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The Emirates Hockey League ( EHL )is the national ice hockey league of the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2009, it consists of six teams: the Dubai Oilers, the Abu Dhabi Scorpions, the Dubai Mighty Camels, the Abu Dhabi Storm, the Al Ain Theebs, and the Al Ain WhiteBears. The Oilers, Scorpions, WhiteBears and Mighty Camels are composed of expatriate players working in the UAE, while the other two clubs will have Emirati players, and form the Emirati national team.

The first game of the league was on October 7, 2009 between the Mighty Camels and Scorpions, held at the Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi.

The 2009-10 season was won by the Al Ain Vipers (now Dubai Oiles). Season 2010-2011 was won by local player based team Abu Dhabi Storms. Season 2011-2012 and third time in the finals brought the victory for Dubai Mighty Camels.

2014-15 Rosters[edit]

Dubai Oilers[edit]

The Dubai Oilers were apart of the 2014 expansion that brought the Al-Ain Vipers to Dubai. In their inaugural season (2014-15) they captured both the regular season trophy and the National Championship.

Player Name Nationality
Charles Arguin** Canada
Guy Arguin* Canada
Dave Barette Canada
Robbie Duncan Canada
Stanislav Janisek Slovakia
Jason Seitsinger Canada
Juha Viherpuro Finland
Christoph Anliker Switzerland
Connor Barette** Canada
Shawn Berg* Canada
Jason Ezeard Canada
K.C. Finnegan U.S.A
Troy Kahler* Canada
Michael Kowalczyk Canada
Christoph Kueffer Switzerland
Antti Lehto Finland
Janne Lehtosalo*** Finland
Alexei Privalov Russia
P.J. Slade Canada
Mark Majer Canada
Kristian Hansen** Canada
Greg Kerr Canada
  • * Indicates Assistant Captain
  • ** Indicates Underaged Player (>18yrs)
  • *** Indicates Captain

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