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An emitter may be:

Radioactive emitter

In general[edit]

In horticulture[edit]

Horticulture drip emitter

In electronics and instrument physics[edit]

  • Another name for the cathode in vacuum tube technology which emits electrons through thermionic emission or field electron emission.
  • Another name for the anode in scientific instruments and techniques based on the emission of ions from a solid surface, for example Atom Probe Tomography.
  • The analog of the vacuum tube cathode in transistor technology, though the current flow through it may be either positive or negative, depending on the type of transistor.
  • An infrared LED used to emulate a remote control. It can also be wired into the integrated receiver/decoder of any electronic device.
  • Lambertian Emitter - a light source whose radiance is according to Lambert's cosine law.

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