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Emma Baker is a journalist employed by ITV Border.

Baker is working on regional programming for the ITV Border region and is based in Edinburgh.

Previously, she was a news presenter and reporter for ITV News Anglia on ITV Anglia where she was based in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

ITV News Anglia incident[edit]

She made the headlines after she was shown joking with colleagues and checking her appearance, without realising she was live on air on the morning of Monday 15 January 2007. The BBC reported that she asked an off-screen colleague: "Have you phoned your wife yet or have you phoned Jan?",[1] while the Daily Mail said that she could be seen brushing her hair and pouting in readiness for her live broadcast, before putting her hand up the front of her blouse to adjust her microphone.[2]

Anglia spokesman Jim Woodrow believed that a viewer misheard Baker refer to a colleague as "Mrs Shameless", and that she was referring to an editor named Seamus. According to the Press Gazette, Woodrow said: "A switching error led to viewers seeing some light-hearted banter involving our presenter Emma Baker and our production team. There was nothing said which we feel might have upset the viewers."[3]