Emma Gad

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Emma Gad
Emma Gad.jpg
Born Emma Halkier
(1852-01-21)January 21, 1852
Died January 8, 1921(1921-01-08) (aged 68)
Occupation Writer
Language Danish
Nationality Danish
Spouse Nicolas Urban Gad
Children Peter Urban Gad, Henry Urban Gad

Emma Gad (January 21, 1852 - January 8, 1921), born Emma Halkier, was a Danish writer and socialite who wrote plays and books that were often satirical. Although she was a prolific writer, many of her works fell into obscurity after her death. One work that remained popular was Takt og Tone, a book of etiquette she wrote in old age.[1]

She received a gold Medal of Merit in 1905. Today her plays are preserved in Denmark's Royal Library.


Gravestone of Emma and Nicolas Gad in Copenhagen

Gad grew up in a relatively affluent home and received a good education for a woman at the time. She married Nicolas Urban Gad, a rear admiral, in 1872. They had two sons: Henry and Peter Urban Gad, who later became a filmmaker. She was a member of many trade unions and women's societies in Copenhagen,[2] and her home was an important meeting place for intellectuals in Denmark at the turn of the century.[1]

In 1886 she premiered as a dramatist at the Royal Danish Theatre's Ny Scene. In 1898 she co-founded the Women's Trade and Clerical Association, which was the first professional organization of women in the office.

Etiquette - About Dealing with People[edit]

Gad's book Etiquette - About Dealing with People (Danish: Takt og Tone - Om Omgang med Mennesker) was published in 1918. Her oft-repeated point is that when visitation is between considerate people then "etiquette" is not necessary. It is the indifferent, selfish, or directly ruthless people that create the need for a formal etiquette.

On Jan 21, 2013 google made a doodle for Emma Gad's 161th birthday, in honor of her book of etiquette.[3]


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