Emma Suárez

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Emma Suárez
Emma Suárez.jpg
Emma Suárez (left) with Ana Risueño (2005).
Born (1964-06-25) 25 June 1964 (age 50)
Madrid, Spain

Emma Suárez (born 25 March 1964 in Madrid) is a Spanish actress.


Suárez' debut performance was at the age of 15, with Memorias de Leticia Valle.

In 1987 she appeared in Joaquín Sabina's videoclip, Así estoy yo sin ti.

Her first starring role was in 1989 in Blanca Paloma by Juan Miñón. In the 1990s, Julio Medem offered her three films. She has worked with Carmelo Gómez. She was married to the director Juan Estelrich Jr. They have a child.

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