Emotional Atyachar

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For the 2010 Hindi film of same name, see The Film Emotional Atyachar.
Emotional Atyachar
Format Interactive
reality competition
Created by Head of Programming
Shalini Sethi
Executive Producer
Piyush Bhatia
Creative Director
Directed by Creative Director
Srimanta sengupta
Presented by Pravesh Rana
Country of origin India
No. of seasons 4
Running time 1–2 hours
Production company(s) UTV Television
Original channel Bindass
Picture format (480p) (SDTV)
(720p) (HDTV)
Original run – present

Emotional Atyachar is a TV show that airs on Bindass. The name and the title song are taken from the Bollywood film Dev-D. Currently the show is hosted by Pravesh Rana. The Indian version is based on Cheaters which is the US based show and has the same format.

Emotional Atyachar is a reality show in which a person who doubts his/her boyfriend's/girlfriend's loyalty, can ask for a loyalty test on him/her. The person checking his/her partner's loyalty is referred to as the lead, while the person on whom the loyalty test is being performed is called the suspect. The crew members follow him/her and also ask another boy/girl to act as if he/she is intimate with him/her. These are caught on camera and shown to the lead.Till now,[when?] 4 seasons of the show has been broadcast. The first season was hosted by Angad Bedi, where as 2nd, 3rd and 4th (current season) are being hosted by Pravesh. Emotional Atyachar[1] is being produced by UTV Television with inputs from Creative Director and writer Roshni Ghosh The programme is conceptualized by the Bindass Team with input from Head of Programming Shalini Sethi, Creative Director Shifa and Executive Producer Piyush Bhatia.[2] A Public Interest Litigation(PIL) was filed, in 2011, by Indraprashtha People, an NGO, through its President Sanjay Tiwari Ujala. He said "through this programme, the TV channel has been hurting the feeling of viewers, spreading vulgarity and demoting social and moral values in our society" [3] The Law commission, floated a discussion paper, saying “In the recent past, instances of Television channels exceeding the limits of decency by using sting operation (hidden camera) as a tool in ongoing reality shows to expose infidelity of a spouse, boyfriend, etc have been noticed,” the commission noted in its discussion paper. “Such sting operations, showing the private life of common men and women, are not conducted for exposing public wrongs and do not serve any public interest or public purpose. They are violating the right to privacy and taking civilisation backward,” it added. [4]