Emperor Taizong of Jin

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Emperor Taizong of Jin
Wanyan Wuqimai.jpg
Emperor of the Jin Dynasty
Reign September 27, 1123 – February 9, 1135
Full name
Wányán Shèng 完颜晟

Birth name Wányán Wúqǐmǎi 完顏吳乞買

Era dates
Tiānhuì 天會 1123–1135
Father Wanyan Helibo 完顏劾里缽 (posthumously honored as Emperor Shizu)
Mother Lady Nalan 拏懒氏 (posthumously honored as Empress Yijian)
Born November 25, 1075
Died February 9, 1135 (aged 59–60)

Wanyan Sheng, Emperor Taizong of Jin (November 25, 1075 – February 9, 1135) was emperor of the Jin Dynasty, which ruled northern China from September 27, 1123 to February 9, 1135. His birth name was Wányán Wúqǐmǎi (完顏吳乞買), and his reign name was Tiānhuì (天會). He led the Jurchens during their campaigns against the Song Dynasty.


In 1125, Wanyan Loushi, a general of the Jin, captured Emperor Tianzuo of Liao, who then stripped him of his imperial title. This marked the official end of the Liao Dynasty.