Emperor Zhezong of Song

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Chinese Emperor
Emperor Zhezong of Song
Birth and death
Birth date 4 January 1076
Death date 23 February 1100
Family name Zhao (趙)
Given name Yong (傭), later Xu¹ (煦)
Dates of reign (1st) 1 April 1085–23 February 1100
Dynasty Song (宋)
Temple name Zhezong (哲宗)
Posthumous name
Never used short
Posthumous name:
Emperor Xianyuan Jidao Shide
Yanggong Qinwen Ruiwu
Qisheng Zhaoxiao²
General note: Dates given here are in the Julian calendar.
They are not in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.
1. Had his name changed into Xu in March 1085 when he was
officially named crown prince. This name became his taboo
name when he ascended the throne five days later.
2. This is the final version of the posthumous name given
in 1113; according to some sources the first eight characters of
his posthumous name should be Xianyuan Jidao Xiande

Emperor Zhezong (4 January 1076 – 23 February 1100) was the seventh emperor of the Song Dynasty of China. His personal name was Zhào Xù. He reigned from 1085 to 1100.

Zhezong was the son of Emperor Shenzong. He ascended the throne at age 9 under the supervision of Empress Dowager Gao. As Regent, Gao appointed conservatives such as Sima Guang as Chancellor, who halted socio-economic improvements set forth by Wang Anshi. Zhezong was powerless and it was not until Empress Dowager Gao's death in 1093 that Zhezong was able to reinstate Wang Anshi's reform and remove all of Sima Guang's influence (Although Sima Guang was dead in 1086).

Zhezong lowered taxes in china, stopped negotiations Tangut Empire and resumed armed conflict which eventually forced the Xixia to enter a more peaceful stance with the Song. Overall, Zhezong's reign gave the Song dynasty a breath of fresh air but Zhezong was unable to stop fighting between conservative members in his government and the more liberal members catering to Wang Anshi's reforms. This eventually led to the Northern Song's demise in the 12th century.

Zhezong died in 1100 in Kaifeng at the age of 24 and was succeeded by his younger brother. His temple name means "Wise Ancestor".

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Emperor Zhezong of Song
Born: 4 January 1076 Died: 23 February 1100[aged 24]
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Emperor Shenzong
Emperor of the Song Dynasty
Succeeded by
Emperor Huizong