Emperor of Central Africa

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Emperor of Central Africa
Former Monarchy
Imperial Coat of arms of Central Africa (1976–1979).svg
Imperial Coat arms
Bokassa colored.png
Bokassa I
First monarch Bokassa I
Last monarch Bokassa I
Style His Imperial Majesty
Monarchy began 4 December 1976
Monarchy ended 21 September 1979
Current pretender(s) Jean-Bédel Bokassa

The Emperor of Central Africa (French: Empereur de Centrafrique) was the ruler of the Central African Empire from 1976 to 1979. President Jean-Bédel Bokassa proclaimed himself Emperor Bokassa I on 4 December 1976, and was crowned emperor on 4 December 1977 in a lavish coronation ceremony that was estimated to cost his country roughly $20 million USD. Although nominally a constitutional monarch, in practice Bokassa ruled with absolute power. For all intents and purposes, the country was still a military dictatorship, as had been the case since Bokassa took power in 1966.

Bokassa I attempted to justify his actions by claiming that creating a monarchy would help Central Africa "stand out" from the rest of the continent, and earn the world's respect. The coronation consumed one third of the nation's annual budget and all of the French aid that year, but despite generous invitations, no foreign leaders attended the event. Many thought Bokassa was insane, and compared his egotistical extravagance with that of Africa's other well-known eccentric dictator, Idi Amin.

Full titles[edit]

Imperial Standard of Bokassa I

The Emperor of Central Africa had a various list of titles and claims that reflected the geographic expanse and diversity of the lands ruled by the House of Bokassa.

Bokassa I[edit]

His Imperial Majesty Bokassa the First, Emperor of Central Africa by the Will of the Central African People, United within the National Political Party, the MESAN

Emperor of Central Africa (1976–1979)[edit]

Portrait Name Emperor From Emperor Until Relationship with Predecessor(s)
Bokassa colored.png Bokassa I 4 December 1976 21 September 1979

Pretenders to the Throne of Central Africa (1979–Present)[edit]

Portrait Name Pretender From Pretender Until Relationship with Predecessor(s)
Bokassa colored.png Bokassa I 21 September 1979 3 November 1996
Imperial Coat of arms of Central Africa (1976–1979).svg Jean-Bédel Bokassa II 3 November 1996 Present Son of Bokassa I, and current head of the House of Bokassa.

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