Employee of the Month (podcast)

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Employee of the Month
Hosting Catie Lazarus
Genre Entertainment, finance, advice, talk show
Language English
Debut 2010
Website http://www.employeeofthemonthshow.com

Employee of the Month is a talk show hosted by Catie Lazarus that features guests with jobs of interest, ranging from television personalities and musicians to comedians and puppeteers. It began as a live show in 2010 and became a podcast[1] in 2012. Lazarus has hosted live tapings at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York, 92 Y[2] in Los Angeles and the Bell House in Brooklyn. It has been syndicated for airing on Sirius XM Radio.[3] The show is currently performed and taped live at Joe's Pub in New York City monthly.[4]

Lazarus hatched the idea for the podcast when she was frustrated with her own attempt at finding a job, which led her to approach successful people to talk about their work and how they had landed their dream jobs.[5]

It has over 41,000 followers on SoundCloud as of July 2013.[6]


The show has been called “beloved” by the New York Times,[7] and "hilarious" and "ambitious" by BlackBook.[8]

The New Yorker praised the show for its "extremely notable" guests and Lazarus' "decidedly unorthodox" interview style.[9]

New York featured the show in its "Seriously Funny" section, calling Lazarus "adorable" as she "picks the brains of folks with much cooler jobs than yours".[10]

Gothamist exclaims that "Catie Lazarus Is One Of The Finest Live Talk Show Hosts In NYC," urging its readers to catch Lazarus and her consistently "incredible guests" at her live show at Joe's Pub in the Village. [11]

Notable Interview Subjects[edit]

Some of the interviews of notable people:[1][6]


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