Empress Myeongseong (TV series)

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Empress Myeongseong
Genre Period drama
Presented by KBS 2TV
Starring Lee Mi-yeon
Yoo Dong-geun
Lee Jin-woo
Jeong Seon-Kyeong
Kim Yong-Rim
Ending theme "If I Leave" (Na Kakeodeun)
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 124
Location(s) Kyeongbok Palace, South Korea
Running time 60 Minutes
Original channel KBS 2TV
Picture format 480 Analog Television480 Standard-Definition Television
Original run May 9, 2001 – July 18, 2002
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Empress Myeongseong
Revised Romanization Myeongseong Hwanghu
McCune–Reischauer Myŏngsŏng Hwang-hu

Empress Myeongseong (Hangul: 명성황후; Hanja: 明成皇后) is a 2001 TV Series produced by Korean TV channel KBS.

Historical connection[edit]

Main article: Empress Myeongseong

Empress Myeongseong was considered as the last empress of Korea because of the Eulmi Incident (also called Operation Fox Hunt).



2001 KBS Drama Awards
  • Top Excellence Award, Actress: Lee Mi-yeon
  • Best Supporting Actor: Kim Sung-hwan
  • Best Supporting Actress: Kim Bo-mi
  • PD of the Year Award: Yoon Chang-bum
2002 Baeksang Arts Awards
2002 KBS Drama Awards

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  1. ^ Formally known as "Lee Gwi-in of the Yeongbo House".
  2. ^ Formally known as "Hanchang, Princess Consort to the Internal Prince, of the Yi clan".
  3. ^ Formally known as "Yeoheung, Princess Consort to the Grand Internal Prince, of the Yeoheung Min clan".
  4. ^ Formally known as "Queen Sinjeong of the Pungyang Jo clan".
  5. ^ Identified as Queen Cheolin of the Andong Kim clan; Cheoljong's Queen
  6. ^ Identified as Queen Hyohyeon of the Andong Kim clan; Heonjong's Queen Consort

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