Emu (puppet)

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EMU logo.jpg
The logo for the new series of Emu.
Created by Rod Hull
Portrayed by Toby Hull
Species Emu
Gender Male

Emu is a puppet emu given to Rod Hull in the 1960s while he was presenting a children's breakfast television programme in Australia. Hull adopted the mute puppet for his cabaret act, and took it with him to the United Kingdom when he returned in 1970.[1] While on stage, the character had a mischievous persona and often attacked the celebrity guests for comic effect. Rod and Emu appeared on several episodes of The Hudson Brothers' comedy show in the United States.[citation needed]

Emu's new series[edit]

Hull's son Toby Hull returned Emu to television on CITV in October 2007.[1] Unlike before, Emu now makes noises so viewers can get a good idea of what he is thinking, and whenever Toby needs to move around, an unseen puppeteer controls Emu. The new series had 26 episodes, and is set in a modern apartment block where no pets are allowed. so Emu has to beware of his next door neighbour, Sophie.[2]

Toby's and Emu's other neighbours are two young kids named Charlie and Dani who are cousins. In addition to helping Toby keep Emu a secret, they also help Emu outfox Sophie, who is obsessed with using Emu in different ways as a quick way to make money. While Toby is oblivious to Sophie's scheming ways, Charlie, Dani, and Emu know her true colours. Toby also has to keep Emu a secret from Ken Cole, a grumpy security guard with a dislike for all animals, especially birds.

In June 2009, it was announced that CITV had ordered a second series of the revived Emu show. Toby Hull would remain as Emu's sidekick, but now they would be running a craft cafe[3] and again Emu had to avoid being found out, this time by health inspector Leo. The first 2 episodes in series 2 were broadcast on September 13 on ITV1.


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