Emu Bay, South Australia

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Emu Bay
Emu bay 02.JPG
View of Emu Bay and jetty from the picnic area.
Emu Bay is located in South Australia
Emu Bay
Emu Bay
Location in South Australia
Location Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Coordinates 35°35′26″S 137°30′13″E / 35.59056°S 137.50361°E / -35.59056; 137.50361Coordinates: 35°35′26″S 137°30′13″E / 35.59056°S 137.50361°E / -35.59056; 137.50361[1]
Type Bay
Basin countries Australia

The Emu Bay is located on the north coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia, 18 kilometres (11 mi) west of Kingscote, the island's main town. It is a small town of 97 allotments[2] with an even mix of permanent and holiday homes. The town has no shops or mains water supply. Emu Bay is known as a popular swimming beach, and is one of few on Kangaroo Island where vehicles are permitted.

A small jetty dates to 1918. Originally 109 metres (358 ft) long, it allowed ketches such as Karatta to tie up to load cargoes, while a nearby fresh water well serviced horses which pulled wagons down to the bay.[3] Until the 1930s, grain, stock and merchandise were taken to and from Kangaroo Island from this jetty.[4]

Emu Bay is also the location of an unusual geological formation named Emu Bay shale.

Emu Bay from the jetty, Kangaroo Island, South Australia


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