Emy Kat

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Emy Kat
Born (1959-08-17) August 17, 1959 (age 54)
Occupation Artist Photographer
Spouse(s) Natalya Kasyanova
Children Kanaan and Asmani

Emy Kat is photographer working in the fields of fashion, advertising, and Fine art photography.

Woman in motion depicts good vs evil

fantôme de bordures

Career and life[edit]

Emy Kat was born in 1959, from a Middle Eastern descent.

He is contemporary photographer whose large body of work has been built over several decades. Developing a love for the medium at an early age, he started photography when his father gave him his first camera at age 12. His father was a dedicated and talented amateur in photography and was the first person to influence and encourage him. He went on to refine his craft in USA and received a graduate degree in 1997 from the Brooks Institute of photography[1] in Santa Barbara, California, (USA) with exceptional academic achievements and honors along with awards in Advertising and Creative Excellence.[2]

Kat began his career in fashion photography, portraits, commercial advertising and has shifted in 2009 to Post medium, Contemporary and Fine-art photography.

Kat's work is full of contrasts and extremes. It's either subtle and subdued or loud and ecstatic. His passion lies in capturing and recording motion in an image. "Capturing motion in my work reflects life itself"

His portraiture and fine art work include notable and intriguing people such as:The entrepreneur, founder of the Hard Rock Cafe in London and the House of Blues in Los Angeles Isaac Tigrett; model/actress/philanthropist Shannon Elizabeth; and model/philanthropist Petra Němcová.[citation needed]

The artist is included in a number of private collections and his iconography work (Nude studies on Platinum - Etudes Nu femme), describing the superiority of the woman in her creation, is a permanent collection[3][4][5] and is archived by the BNF Bibliothèque nationale de France (2000). The collection is under Reference number Ep-4001-Boîte pet. fol.(Collection Publiques).[3][6]

Emy Kat's work is published in various magazines including Harper's Bazaar, Russian Vogue and Elle Decor. He was also featured in advertorials for brand names such Missoni in 1997.[7][8][9][10]

Featured in a special issue April 2010 of The Photo Paper by Black & White spider Awards[11][12] as one of the world's leading photographers, judged by the most respected names in photography [13]

Film vs digital[edit]

Although the artist majored in digital imaging, Emy Kat chose to work and mostly use photographic film. This is due to limitations in digital photography. In 2008, he started using a high end digital camera back system by LEAF. However, most of his fine art work, Kat continues to use photographic film with large format view camera and medium format (film) camera.[14]

Notable artwork[edit]

Ames Dans Les Rues No 12.
  • Nude studies of women on platinum (Etudes Nus femme) Archived and collected by the BNF Bibliothèque nationale de France (2000). Reference number Ep-4001-Boîte pet. fol.(Collection Publiques)[4][5]
  • La Pass Murraille - series of 5 images - edition 3 - (1999)
  • Souls on the streets (Ames Dans les Rues) - (2009)[15]
  • The Everlasting Now - (2012-2013) Athr Gallery [16] 21,39 Moallaqat Exhibition [17] Art Dubai (2014) [16][18]

Book contributions[edit]

Kat's photographs have been included in several books published by Graphis Inc..