EnVision EvAngelene

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EnVision EvAngelene
Studio album by Mortification
Released 1996
Recorded 1995 at St. Andrews Studio in Melbourne, Australia
Genre Heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal,[1]
Length 50:18
Label Nuclear Blast
Rowe Productions
Producer Mark McCormack
Steve Rowe
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EnVision EvAngelene
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EnVision EvAngelene is the sixth studio album released 1996 by Christian metal band Mortification. Musically, this particular album is known for having more of a traditional heavy metal and thrash metal sound than previous Mortification offerings, which focused mainly on death metal. The most notable song on the album is the epic opening title track which clocks in at almost 19 minutes. The lyrics in the song tell of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ from the perspective of the Angels. Music videos were shot for both the title song and "Northern Storm" and released on a video compilation titled EnVideon. The critics praised the album's music.[2] However, after this album, as the band's style began changing even more, the critics' interest in Mortification began fading. Despite that, the band's albums would keep selling well, and they would remain their reputive status as "some kind of super stars in the Christian metal scene."[3]

Track listing[edit]

1. "EnVision EvAngelene" (in 8 parts) (18:49)
i. Musical prelude 1 - Emmaculate Conception
ii. Musical prelude 2 - The Imminent Messiah
iii. Persecuted Quest
iv. The Words at the Supper
v. Angelic Sufferance
vi. Angelic Resurgence
vii. Frustrated Vision
viii. Please Tarry
2. "Northern Storm" (3.40)
3. "Peace in the Galaxy" (4.49)
4. "Jehovah Nissi" (6.01)
5. "Buried into Obscurity" (3.24)
6. "Chapel of Hope" (4.02)
7. "Noah Was a Knower" (3.33)
8. "Crusade for the King" (5.31)


  • Steve Rowe - Bass, Vocals
  • Lincoln Bowen - Guitars
  • Keith Bannister - Drums


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