En direct de la gaffe

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Gaston Lagaffe #R4
En direct de la gaffe
Cover of the Belgian edition
Date 1974
Series Gaston Lagaffe
Publisher Dupuis
Creative team
Writers Franquin
Artists Franquin Delporte
Original publication
Published in Spirou
Language French
ISBN 2-8001-0370-1
Preceded by Gare aux gaffes du gars gonflé
Followed by Le lourd passé de Lagaffe

En direct de la gaffe, written and drawn by Franquin and Delporte, is an album of the original Gaston Lagaffe series, numbered R4. It is made up of 44 pages and was published by Dupuis. It consists of a series of one-strip gags.


This album is made up of small-sized strip and article relating Gaston' blunders. All the gags and articles, entitled "En direct de la rédaction", wrote by Yvan Delporte for the Gaston Lagaffe series are grouped in this album. It is also constituted of Spirou covers.Many new characters are introduced, such as Jules Soutier, Bertrand Labévue, Beaucoudeau and Mélanie Molaire. The Gaffophone also appear for the first time.


  • trousers press: system to make the ironing of trousers easier
  • Klaxophone: instrument made with car horns
  • anti-mosquitoos powder : powder which causes explosions and attract mosquitoos
  • guitar walkie-talkie: built sa that Jeanne can constantly listen to Gaston's guitar and voice


This album was expected to be the last album of reprinting. The album reprinted were numbered with a "R" indicate it was a re-publication. It is explained in the first page of the album that any Gaston Lagaffe album #5 nor R5 would never exist, because an album #6 had previously been published, and the re-publications were said to be finished. However, this announcement was wrong, for much later, in 1986, an album R5 was published, consisting of strips previously unpublished in albums.


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