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Origin San Francisco, California, United States
Genres Indie rock, post-hardcore, post-rock, math rock
Years active 2004 – present
Labels Neurot, Atypeek Music, Lancashire and Somerset, Exile on Mainstream
Website enablerssf.com
Members Pete Simonelli
Joe Goldring
Kevin Thomson
Sam Ospovat
Past members Yuma Joe Byrnes
Doug Scharin

Enablers are a post-punk band from San Francisco, California which features the poetry/spoken word of Pete Simonelli.


In addition to Simonelli, a published poet and writer who was working as a courier in the band's early years, the band's original lineup included Joe Goldring (guitar, formerly of Swans and Toiling Midgets and [concurrent with Enablers] Touched by a Janitor), Kevin Thomson (guitar, Timco, Nice Strong Arm, Morning Champ, and [also concurrent with Enablers] Touched by a Janitor), and Yuma Joe Byrnes (drums, ex-Tarnation/Broken Horse, Touched by a Janitor).[1][2] Enablers' first release the album End Note, released on Neurot Recordings in 2004. In 2006 they released the Output Negative Space album, described by PopMatters as having "a swagger that seems almost malevolent",[2] and a split single with Redpanda. In 2007 they released the single-sided one track twelve-inch single "The Achievement". In 2008 they released the Tundra album, a shared release between Lancashire and Somerset, Majic Wallet, and Exile on Mainstream. The band's last album was Blown Realms And Stalled Explosions, released in 2011; Doug Scharin, formerly of Codeine, HiM, June of 44, Rex, and Mice Parade, became the band's drummer for this album and subsequent tours. As of 2013 the band has toured and recorded with a new drummer, Sam Ospovat of Beep, Naytronix , Timosaurus, Anteater, Passwords, CavityFang, Kapowski and his solo project PIKI.

Musical style[edit]

The band's music, according to Peter Funk, writing for PopMatters "swells on muscular guitar fills, a clanging swirl that ebbs and flows around Simonelli's story", with Funk describing them as "restrained exercises in disgust".[2] Drowned in Sound described the band as a "four-piece of utmost intensity", comparing the band to Slint and Shellac.[3] Drowned in Sound writer Mike Diver described them as "a confrontational band, a visceral beast of eight legs and one mouth that never quits, its stream of freeform hang-loose lyricism owing a debt in style, perhaps, to literary forefathers".[4] Ali Maloney, writing for The Skinny, called the band's music "beat music for the 21st century".[5]



  • End Note (2004), Neurot
  • Output Negative Space (2006), Neurot
  • Tundra (2008), Lancashire and Somerset/Majic Wallet/Exile on Mainstream
  • Blown Realms And Stalled Explosions (2011), Exile On Mainstream/Lancashire and Somerset
  • The Rightful Pivot (2015), Atypeek Music, Lancashire and Somerset, Exile on Mainstream

Singles, EPs[edit]

  • Split with Redpanda (2007), Lancashire and Somerset
  • "The Achievement" (2007), Awesome Vistas
  • "Now You Can Answer My Prayers" (2009), Lancashire and Somerset


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