Enchantment (Channie Series)

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Enchantment (Channie Series)

Written by author Charlotte Abel, Enchantment is book 1 of The Channie Series, a mature young adult paranormal romance novel about a sixteen-year-old witch that falls in love with Josh, a BMX champion with "washboard abs, a killer smile and the bluest eyes she's ever seen". Channie's mother is worried about the non-magical boys that she'll be going to school with in Colorado so she casts a chastity spell on Channie that makes it impossible to touch any boy that she might be interested in. She has to find a way to break the spell so she can follow her heart to Josh and her destiny, and that involves black magic.

Enchantment is a best-seller on several sales charts including Amazon's free Kindle list and children's fiction/sports and activities.[citation needed]

Taken, book 2 of The Channie Series, was published in 2012, and "Finding Valor", book 3, was published in 2013. There are two additional short stories available on ebook in the series: "The Gathering", a prequel to Enchantment, and "Love Hurts", set between books 2 and 3.