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Encore is a music notation (scorewriter) program for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh, originally created in the 1990s by Don Williams for the US company Passport. For a while Encore was distributed and developed by GVOX. Since August 2013 the program is property of Passport Music Software, LLC and is continuing to be developed. MusicTime Deluxe is the 'essentials' version of Encore.

Ease of use[edit]

Encore is notable for being one of the first scorewriter programs to enable items in the musical score to be added and edited using the mouse .[1] Encore scored a "bronze medal" in 2007 at.[2] The learning curve is gradual; novices are spared a shower of features which power users still find at their disposal when needed.[3]

Encore can play back your music – either imported as MIDI, recorded from a MIDI device, or entered with keyboards and mouse. Tempo and volume can be adjusted for each voice.

Current status[edit]

Originally designed by Passport, GVOX purchased the intellectual property of Passport in 1998[4]and Encore 5 was released 10 years after Encore 4. In August the 1st 2013 Passport Music Software, LLC acquired the rights of Encore, Music Time Deluxe and MasterTracks Pro. [5]The product website is www.passportmusic.com.[6]

New features in Encore 5 include wizards to create scores (transposing as well as in concert pitch) for numerous types of ensembles from scratch, MusicXML file format support, the Gvox VST player, which enables use of virtual studio instruments with Encore, and J.S. Bach complete works for keyboard in Encore format.

User community[edit]

Encore users profit from an active community at the GVOX forum, where dedicated experienced users offer free support. Also very helpful (for those who can read Dutch) is Veelgestelde vragen, antwoorden, tips en oplossingen, over Encore en MusicTime Deluxe.

The user community and GVOX interact to improve the product and tune it to the customers needs, as can be observed at the forum.

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