Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security

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Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security
Author Henk C.A.v. Tilborg,
Eindhoven University of Technology,
Country The Netherlands
Language English
Series Mathematics
Computer Science
Genre Encyclopedia
Publisher Springer-Verlag New York
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 684
ISBN 978-0-387-23473-1
OCLC 61030073
652/.803 22
LC Class Z103 .E53 2005

The Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security is a comprehensive work on Cryptography for both information security professionals and experts in the fields of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, Information Theory, Data Encryption, etc.[1] It consists of 460 articles in alphabetical order and is available electronically and in print. The Encyclopedia has a representative Advisory Board consisting of 18 leading international specialists.

Topics include but are not limited to authentication and identification, copy protection, cryptoanalysis and security, factorization algorithms and primality tests, cryptographic protocols, key management, electronic payments and digital certificates, hash functions and MACs, elliptic curve cryptography, quantum cryptography and web security.

The style of the articles is of explanatory character and can be used for undergraduate or graduate courses.


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Advisory Board Members[edit]

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