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Encyclopedia of Esperanto (Esperanto: Enciklopedio de Esperanto) may refer to three different attempts of creating an encyclopedia of all Esperanto topics. A modern version of this might be the Vikipedio (Esperanto Language Wikipedia) or the Enciklopedio Kalblanda.

The 1933 Encyclopedia[edit]

The most commonly known Encyclopedia of Esperanto is an encyclopedia of the Esperanto Movement that appeared in two editions of Literatura Mondo (Literary World) in Budapest in 1933–1934. A reprint was published in Hungary by the Hungarian Esperanto Association in 1979 and 1986. A majority of the original articles in this encyclopedia have been made into Wikipedia articles in the Esperanto-language Wikipedia.

The 1913 Encyclopedia[edit]

The previous Encyclopedia of Esperanto was published several times before the 1933 version. In 1913 Petro Stojan proposed a Universal Monograph Encyclopedia (Esperanto: Universala Slipa Enciklopedio), which would be continuously published with separate monographs for each subject. The first five monographs ("The Encyclopedia and its future", "Kinematic theory on time", the hymn "La Espero", "Transcription of proper names", and "Gathering", a poem by L. Levenzon) were published at that time.

Ariadne's Thread[edit]

In 1917, in Petrograd, Vladimír Szmurlo published another encyclopedia called Ariadne's Thread, with mere references as "A first try of an Encyclopedia of Esperantism; with a firm belief that out of that ... seed will grow a huge tree of the Universal Esperanto Encyclopedia." The first pages (1–88) were printed in Riga. Due to military circumstances, the next pages of the book appeared infrequently, only after the letter "E", and with contents very in short supply and content.

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