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The Encyclopedia of Soviet Lithuania (Lithuanian: Tarybų Lietuvos enciklopedija or TLE) was an encyclopedia of the Lithuanian SSR, covering topics such as archaeology, history, nature, science, cultural heritage, cities, districts, biographies of famous people and politics, but only as they relate to Lithuania. It was published in four volumes, between 1985–1988 in Vilnius.[1] It is often confused with the 12-volume Lithuanian Soviet Encyclopedia but TLE did not cover areas such general areas as technology, biology, pharmacology, chemistry, medicine, mathematics and others.


  • Volume 1: A–Grūdas, 1985
  • Volume 2: Grūdas–Marvelis, 1986
  • Volume 3: Masaitis–Simno, 1987
  • Volume 4: Simno–Žvorūnė, 1988


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