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In economics and commerce, an end user[a] is a person that uses a particular product. A product may be purchased by several intermediaries, who are not users, between the manufacturer and the end user, or be directly purchased by the end user as a consumer. For example, the end user of a pharmaceutical product is the patient who takes it, rather than distributors, pharmacists and physicians who may purchase it in their behalf.

An end user of a computer system or software is someone who uses it.[1]

In contracts in some jurisdictions, the term end user is a legal term for a non-reseller[citation needed]. This legal construct is used in End-User License Agreements (EULAs); the end user is the user, rather than purchaser, of the subject of the Agreement.


  1. ^ In general, "end user" should not be hyphenated unless used as an adjective, such as in "end-user documentation". Thus, it would be "provide a good experience to the end user", in contrast to "let's make sure we provide a good end-user experience".


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