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Endemol N.V.
Type Privately held company
Industry Television
Genre Production company
Founded 1994
Founder(s) Joop van den Ende
John de Mol
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Parent Apollo Global Management
(Majority shareholder)
Mediaset Italy
(Minority shareholder)
Subsidiaries Endemol Australia
Website www.endemol.com

Endemol is an international television production and distribution company that is controlled by Apollo Global Management and headquartered in the Netherlands, with around 90 companies in over 30 countries. Endemol created and runs reality and talent game show franchises worldwide, including Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Wipeout, The Money Drop, and Your Face Sounds Familiar.


Endemol was founded in 1994 by a merger of television production companies owned by Joop van den Ende and John de Mol, the name deriving from the combination of their surnames. One notable success has been the Big Brother reality television show, with versions in many countries after the initial Dutch version. However the most profitable programme for Endemol is Deal or No Deal which has now been sold to over 100 countries. Endemol specialises in inexpensive programming that is appealing to television executives in the modern multi-channel world, and other Endemol programmes in this vein include Changing Rooms, Ready Steady Cook, Ground Force, International King of Sports, Space Cadets, Fear Factor and Wipeout.

In 2000, the company was sold to the Spanish telecom and media corporation Telefónica for € 5.5 billion. In November 2005, 25% of Endemol was taken public, and is since then listed on the Euronext Amsterdam exchange under the stock symbol EML. On May 14, 2007 the remaining 75% of Endemol shares has been bought by a consortium, Edam Acquisition, led by Mediaset, the company controlled by Silvio Berlusconi's family, and including the investment company Cyrte, whose vast majority of shares is owned by the original co-founder John de Mol.[1] The consortium announced on August 6, 2007, that it now owned 99.54% of Endemol shares, after an offer to buy the remaining shares went through on August 3, 2007; it asked the Euronext bourse for a delisting of Endemol.[2]

On April 1, 2008, its United States counterpart acquired 51% of 51 Minds Entertainment from Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin, producers of several successful reality shows from VH1's "Celebreality" Block.[3]

It was reported in 2010 that the company was $3 billion in debt.[4][5] Then in 2011, the debt had grown to $4.1 billion.[6]

A loan restructure was planned for 2011 when Endemol was expected to breach its debt covenants.[7] On June 30, the debt covenants were breached at the same time that CEO Ynon Kreiz left the company and Endemol's UK subsidiary failed to file its annual accounts.[8] On March 23, 2012, Endemol's debt was converted into shares by US private-equity firm Apollo Global Management.[9] On April 3, 2012, Mediaset sold its majority stake in Endemol to Apollo and Dutch asset manager Cyrte, and Endemol restructured the bulk of its debt. The current CEO is Just Spee.[10] On May 15, 2014, Apollo and 21st Century Fox announced a joint venture to combine 21st Century Fox's Shine Group and Apollo's Endemol and CORE Media Group.[11]

In December 2013, Endemol became a shareholder in Israel's Channel 2 franchisee Reshet, following the acquisition in April of a controlling share in the Israeli independent producer Kuperman, which is now Endemol Israel.[12]

National branches[edit]

Endemol UK[edit]

Main article: Endemol UK

Originally known as Broadcast Communications, Endemol UK is one of the UK's longest established production groups and won its first television commissions in the mid-1980s. It produces the main Endemol franchises such as Big Brother and Deal or no Deal

Endemol Southern Star[edit]

Endemol Southern Star is an Australian production company which was previously a joint venture of Endemol and Southern Star Group. Endemol purchased Southern Star Group from Fairfax Media in January 2009.[13] It produces Endemol's popular worldwide formats for Australia, including Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, and Ready Steady Cook. It is based in Australia.

Endemol USA[edit]

Endemol USA is the United States production branch of Endemol based in Los Angeles, California. It has been in operation since 2000. The branch produces Endemol's popular worldwide formats for the major American TV networks, such as Fear Factor, Deal or No Deal and 1 Vs. 100 for NBC; Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Show Me the Money, The One: Making a Music Star, Set for Life, and Wipeout for ABC; Exposed for MTV; Big Brother and Kid Nation for CBS; Midnight Money Madness for TBS (under the moniker Lock and Key Productions) and most recently, a game show adaptation of 20Q for GSN. Their worst faring franchise by far is The One which was canceled after four episodes. Fear Factor was canceled after six seasons; its first season is out now on DVD. Another one of their shows, Big Brother has two seasons already out on DVD. While Big Brother has had the most international success to date, their most successful USA program could end up being either Deal or No Deal or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Both programs are wildly popular and highly rated.

Endemol USA created Midnight Money Madness for cable's TBS network, in which viewers can call in to play games and win money prizes. It is based on Endemol's successful Participation TV format. On October 13, 2006, Endemol USA launched another game show for NBC, 1 vs. 100 with Bob Saget, and debuted as another ratings winner. And on November 14, 2006, ABC premiered Show Me the Money, with William Shatner as its host. Midnight Money Madness was canceled in October 2006 after 32 episodes, in which its successor, Take the Cake, premiered July 9, 2007, and Show Me the Money was canceled in December 2006 after only five episodes aired. Currently, a syndicated five-day a week version of Deal or No Deal airs in over 90% of the USA, while Wipeout will begin its third season on ABC in summer 2010, and 20Q debuted on GSN in June 2009. In October 2008, Tokyo Broadcasting System filed a lawsuit against ABC (with a separate suit against Endemol pending) for claims that Wipeout copied elements from two of their popular shows, Takeshi's Castle (known as MXC in the USA) and Sasuke (better known in the USA as Ninja Warrior).[14] Endemol USA also produces the Style Network hour-long reality series Jerseylicious, which debuted in 2010.

In June 2010, Endemol picked up the distribution rights to the TV Land sitcom "Hot in Cleveland", which it will distribute internationally. This marked the first time that Endemol has acquired an American-produced scripted series.[15] Other scripted properties that Endemol also owns rights to include Happily Divorced and The Exes, also airing on TV Land.

In 2011, Endemol expanded its US production portfolio to include more non-reality fare, starting with The Steve Harvey Show, distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution. The hour-long talk/variety program premiered on September 10, 2012 in syndication. Another program, the mob-related crime drama Red Widow, will debut on ABC as a mid-season replacement in the 2012-2013 television season.

Endemol USA Latino, which produces Endemol USA's successful shows in Spanish language as shown on the major Hispanic TV networks. Their first production was Vas o No Vas based on the popular Deal or No Deal, which aired on Telemundo. Unlike Endemol USA's headquarters in Los Angeles, Endemol USA Latino has headquarters located in Miami, Florida.

Endemol USA owns True Entertainment and majority stakes in the production companies Authentic Entertainment, 51 Minds Entertainment, and Original Media.

Authentic Entertainment[edit]

Authentic Entertainment, Inc is a Burbank-based reality television company that has produced television series that cover a wide range of subjects (e.g. Ace of Cakes, Weird Travels, Toddlers & Tiaras, All On The Line, Surprise Homecoming, Flipping Out, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Auction Kings, Off Limits, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo), and most recently Cheer Perefection and air on multiple networks, including Bravo, the Food Network, TLC, and the Discovery Channel. Authentic produces about 200 hours of programming a year. Endemol has been the majority owner of Authentic Entertainment since 2010.

Authentic Entertainment, currently subsidiary of Endemol, was originally founded in 2000 by Lauren Lexton and Tom Rogan, who were familiar with each other in their work as freelance reality production staffers.[16] It wasn't until 2010 that talk of Endemol owning a large stake in the production company became serious, as Endemol had approached them several years prior without success. The deal has since been finalized, and has been valued at US$60–70 million in unverified reports.[17]

Authentic has been named to Realscreen Magazine’s “Global 100” list for six consecutive years, starting in 2007,[18] and continuing in 2008,[19] 2009,[20] 2010,[21] 2011, and 2012.

Four of their shows' episodes have received CINE Golden Eagle awards: Ace Of Cakes, Toddles & Tiaras, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate in 2010,[22][23] and Flipping Out in 2008.[24]

True Entertainment[edit]

Through its New York City subsidiary True Entertainment it produces Real Housewives of Atlanta, Catch It Keep It, A Baby Story, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?, Mystery Diagnosis, The Robert Verdi Show, The A-List: New York, Make Room for Multiples, and Fashion Queens.[25]

Earlier shows include Personal Conviction, Rebuilt: The Human Body Shop, A World Away, Band in a Bubble, Married Away, Mystery Medicine, Under One Roof, What's Your Sign Design?, HGTV Design Star, Unwrapping Macy's, Widow on the Hill, Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience, Go Ahead, Make My Dinner!, Town Haul, Guess Who's Coming To Decorate, B. Smith Style, The Gastineau Girls, and Town Haul Jeffersonville.

True Entertainment was founded in 2000 and by Steven Weinstock and Glenda Hersh both of whom had previously worked for New York Times subsidiary NYT Television. True was acquired by Endemol in 2003.[26]

Endemol India[edit]

In January 2006, Endemol started producing programs with the Sponsor Mr Mohit Raina who is held responsible to shortlist the Artist in different channels which are in Hindi from Mumbai, India. Among the company's most channels were like STAR Plus, STAR One, Ndtv Imagine, Zee TV & Colors (TV channel)

Year TV Series TV Channel
2006–present Bigg Boss Colors
2008-2011 Khatron Ke Khiladi Colors
2008 The Great Indian Laughter Challenge STAR One
2009 Ladies Special Zee TV
2008-present Chhote Miyan Colors (TV channel)
2009 Raju Hazir Ho Imagine TV
2008-2010 Miley Jab Hum Tum STAR One
2009-2011 Sabki Laadli Bebo STAR Plus
2010-2011 Geet - Hui Sabse Parayi STAR One
2011-2012 Beend Banoongaa Ghodi Chadhunga Imagine TV
2011-2012 Dharampatni Imagine TV
2008 Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star STAR Plus
2007-2008 Funjabbi Chak De STAR One
2007-2008 Champion Chaalbaaz No.1 Sony Entertainment Television
2012 Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star 2 STAR Plus

Endemol Globo / Endemol Brazil[edit]

In 2001, Endemol entered Brazil by forming a joint venture with Rede Globo, Endemol Globo. The company produces Big Brother Brasil, in its 10th series and Hipertensão (Brazilian version of Fear Factor), and other formats, mostly as Caldeirão do Huck and Domingão do Faustão segments, such as Dança dos Famosos (Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing) and Maratoma do Faustão (Wipeout). Even with Globo as a partner, Endemol Globo also produces for other networks, like Band, with Na Pressão (originally Choose or Lose) and É O Amor (Brazilian version of international format All You Need is Love), and SBT, with Topa ou Não Topa (local version of Deal or No Deal). In 2009, Endemol started a separate, wholly owned operation, Endemol Brazil, whose first production is 1 Contra 100, a local version of 1 vs. 100 for SBT.

Endemol Panama[edit]

For 2005, Endemol entered Panama with an alliance with Corporacion MEDCOM, the largest television network company in Central America. By using Endemol assistance was created El Familion, a game show based on Deal or No Deal that is themed with Nestlé products. In the first season it was the most popular game show ever aired in Central America. Now it is aired for its second season.

Endemol Mexico[edit]

In 2002, Endemol Mexico was created as a 50/50 venture with the Televisa network.

They produced 7 editions of Big Brother in a span of 3 years.

The first edition of Big Brother went under the slogan "La casa mas famosa de Mexico" ("The most famous house in Mexico"), it had a theme song by former pop band Kabah and was hosted by news personality Adela Micha, dubbed "The Big Sister".

Following that the first VIP version was produced, hosted by Victor Trujillo, better known for his character Brozo, the theme song was done by the house guests which was part of a challenge.

The 2nd regular edition was dubbed "El Complot" with the slogan "Las reglas cambian" ("The rules change") with Adela Micha returning to hosting duties. The theme song was once again interpreted by Kabah under the name "El Complot." This edition was later followed by another VIP version with host Verónica Castro returning to Mexican television after a long hiatus. The media dubbed her the "Big Vero". The theme song ran by electro-pop group Mœnia with the song "Tus Ojos Sobre Mi."

A year later the format returned with Big Brother.3R "La Adicción" ("The Addiction"), with Verónica Castro returning to host and RBD singing the theme song Adicción. For the 3R version the house guests were called "Rebeldes" ("Rebels"). After the 3R version, 2 more VIP editions were broadcast, one after the other, the same day that the winner of the first was declared the following edition started. The slogan used was "Conoce lo desconocido de los conocidos" ("Get to know the unknown of the known"). The theme song for this was done by Kabah once again with "La Adicción" and Verónica Castro continued to host.

During the run of the show there were several interchanges of contestants between Big Brother México and Gran Hermano Spain.

The Big Brother format faded dramatically. After 3 years producers considered that the format was exhausted.

Between the first edition of Big Brother and Big Brother VIP, Endemol Mexico started the production of the singing competition show Operación Triunfo which achieved big ratings in Spain but received lackluster results in Mexico because TV Azteca, Televisa's main rival, had on air a similar show called La Academia (The Academy). Even though Operación Triunfo had been in pre-production for much longer than La Academia ever was, La Academia made it to the air much sooner than Operación Triunfo, so when the latter came on, it was perceived as a "copy". In the Spanish format, the school where the contestants study was called "La Academia"(the academy), in Mexico the production was forced to change it to "El Instituto" (The Institute), so it wouldn't cause confusion with the audience and the competing reality show. Endemol expressed its intentions to file sue against TV Azteca for plagiarism.

Endemol Mexico also produced 3 seasons of reality show Fear Factor, also having VIP versions. The first two seasons were hosted by Julio Bracho, and the third season by Gabriel Pontones, former house guest of Big Brother Mexico.

Endemol Mexico had produced its own version of Deal or not deal called Vas o No Vas hosted by Héctor Sandarti. It was a weekly show airing on Saturdays, but due to the ratings the format was later retooled to air weekday's (Monday-Friday) was Vas o No Vas de Boletazo. The show ended its run a little after that, but in late 2006 it began production again, but this time for Telemundo, in conjunction with Miami-based Endemol Latino.

Also in mid-2006 a new format was created called El Bar: Provoca, which was similar in format to Big Brother, but with a cast of bar-tenders, in addition of living together in the same house, they had to run a bar by night. Each week there was an elimination and a special guest star to come and sing at the bar. The show was not successful, the host Roberto Palazuelos left the show mid-way due to commitments with a telenovela in Miami.

There were plans to bring Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to Mexico, dubbing it Cambio Extremo: Tu Hogar. Show me the money which in Mexico will be titled Enseñame la Lana, Rest of Life as De por vida Bancomer and Staying alive which will be redubbed Sobreviviendo, but so far they haven't seen the green light yet.

In 2010 - 2011 Endemol is producing a version of wipe-out called "Resbalón". Also moving out from Reality shows into scripted programs it produced Los Exitosos Pérez a telenovela based on an Argentinian TV series Los Exitosos Pells that was very successful in generating ratings and advertising revenue.

The most successful reality show in Mexico in 2011 is not produced by Endemol, as many people in Mexico believe but by John de Mol new company Talpa, and it's the Mexican version of The Voice.


Endemol sued Brazilian channel SBT over what it says was a Big Brother copycat, and threatened to sue Russian Behind the Glass for the same reason.[27]

Endemol was sued by four Georgia women alleging that a text-message game featured on Deal or No Deal is a form of illegal gambling.[28]


Reality television[edit]


Late night/variety shows[edit]


Game shows[edit]

Children's shows[edit]

Live TV[edit]





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