Enders Island

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Enders Island
Enders Island.jpg
Enders Island in 2009.
Enders Island is located in Connecticut
Enders Island
Enders Island (Connecticut)
Location Long Island Sound
Coordinates 41°19′56″N 71°58′5″W / 41.33222°N 71.96806°W / 41.33222; -71.96806
United States
State Connecticut
County New London
City Stonington

Enders Island an inhabited island located in Stonington, Connecticut and used as a Catholic retreat center, owned and operated by the Society of Saint Edmund. The island is connected to neighboring Mason's Island by a causeway and Mason's island is connected to the mainland by another causeway.[1]

The island is also home to the bi-annual ten day residency portion of Fairfield University's low residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program.[2]

Nearby Fishers Island is part of New York despite disputes from before 1879, and a current petition [1].


The island is named after Dr. Thomas B. Enders who purchased the island in the early 1900s. He turned it into his private estate with a grand main house decorated in Arts and Crafts style. In 1954 the island was donated to the Society of St. Edmund.

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